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Gracie Magazine article about Master Caique/Warrior Way

Warrior Way Welcomes Visit from Master Carlos “Caique” Elias

Erin Herle
November 27, 2012

GMA member Warrior Way of Walled Lake, Michigan welcomed Master Carlos “Caique” Elias for seminars and promotions.

Master Carlos “Caique” Elias received his red and black belt from Rickson Gracie in 2010 and has 20 affiliates.

From the Warrior Way website:

“Master Caique has set high standards for promotion. He believes that the belt requirements keep the reputation of the academy at the highest level and creates better students, fighters and instructors. Personal character and good citizenship also count toward promotion. Respect for your instructor, the academy, and your community members are also important qualities for you to have to be promoted to any level.”
He held a seminar at Warrior Way on November 10 where head of the Warrior Way team, Harvy Berman, received his second stripe on his black belt and Professor Brandon McDaniel received his first on his black belt.

Congrats to Harvy Berman, Brandon McDaniel and all other students who were promoted!

To see more about Warrior Way you can visit their website:

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Helio Gracie:Some of his fight stories

Helio Gracie challenge matches


Hélio Gracie in action against Waldermar Santana in 1962


On November 5, 1932, a 17-year-old Hélio Gracie faced the American professional wrestler Fred Ebert, whom was touring South America at this time.

Ebert was reported in the Brazilian press as being, “a top wrestler who had taken 2nd place in the 95kg class of the 1928 World Wrestling Championship tournament held in New York City”.Hélio himself described Ebert as being, “a giant who weighed 216 pounds and entered the ring a full 80 pounds heavier” while Helio was just  140 pounds.

The rules of the match, as agreed to by both parties, were that it would be competed over 10-minute rounds to be decided only by “submission or unconsciousness”. Moreover, biting, ear or hair pulling, eye gouging, kicking, and punching were all forbidden; while chokes, elbows, head-butting, knees, and “any traumatism against the floor” were allowed.

The match itself played out over an hour and forty-five minutes, mostly with Ebert pinning Hélio to the ground looking to force him to quit , while the young Gracie unleashed an endless barrage of elbow, open hand and knee strikes upon his bigger foe.It end up as no contest.

Afterwards, there were several attempts to arrange a match between Ebert and Hélio’s brother, George Gracie [, but it came to naught. Soon, the American moved on to greener pastures. Hélio, for his part, hadn’t yet had his fill of wrestlers, and would soon have his eyes on a much bigger target: Wladek Zbyszko.


Wladek Zbyszko punishing his opponent


The 43-year-old Wladek, was in Rio along with his brother, the legendary Stanislaus Zbyszko, as part of a wrestling troupe whom they had organized to tour South America. He was no “jobber”. He had followed his brother from Poland to America in 1913, and quickly became a major force in the world of professional wrestling, even holding the heavyweight championship at least one time [EN 3]. He was skilled in Greco-Roman, catch-as-catch-can, and even, reportedly, knew some jiu jitsu.

At a well-muscled 235 pounds, he would truly be a giant in comparison to Hélio.

The David versus Goliath match took place on July 28, 1934, competed under a “no strikes” agreement. For the full three ten minute rounds, Zbyszko used his size and strength to take Hélio down and pin him, trying to squeeze the life out from him. He also went after Hélio’s neck time-and-time again, attempting various cranks or “twists”, but Hélio gamely fought him off until time expired and the match was called a draw.

The papers declared it had been a “long and boring” contest, but others saw it as a display of true grappling prowess. Wladek was quoted afterwards, as being “so impressed with Hélio’s performance that he would like to bring him back to North America”.

Carson Gracie mma

Hélio often credited these matches as the first mixed matches and the origins of which would one day become known as Vale Tudo

Over the next few decades, he would continue taking part in such matches against practitioners of judo, boxing, luta livre, and capoiera, and eventually he would make that pilgrimage to the United States and introduce the world to a thing called “Ultimate Fighting”


Helio Gracie was a man with no fear and his devotion to promote Jiu Jitsu was above anything. By been close to him for so long I learned not only to be brave but also to be strategic and wise on how to use my Jiu Jitsu. Master Caique


Jiu Jitsu in a real life action!


PORTLAND – A man with a disabling back injury fought off an armed assailant who fired on him on the MAX platform Thursday night, the victim told police.
“I could’ve been killed so maybe I should not take every breath I breathe for granted,” said Josh Smith.
Around 9:30 p.m., the 28-year-old was waiting for a MAX train at Southeast Foster Road and Interstate 205 when he was confronted by a man on a bicycle, said Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau.
Smith told police that the suspect wanted to listen to his headphones. He refused, so the suspect pulled out a handgun and fired on him.
“I can feel the wind go right past me,” said Smith.
The victim then grabbed the suspect and struggled with him on the ground where he injured his arm, Simpson said.
Smith told KGW that he used his Jiu-Jitsu moves to wrestle the attacker to the ground.
The suspect got up and fled on his black BMX bicycle. He was described as a Hispanic male in his mid 20s, wearing a white T-shirt, shorts, and a backwards black baseball hat. He was last seen on Southeast 92nd Avenue.
“Anybody else would’ve handed him what he wanted and he would’ve gotten away with it,” said Smith.
Anyone with additional information was asked to call Police.

Jiu Jitsu and your health by Master Caique

Prof Caique Red and Black academyLosing Weight and Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Jiu Jitsu


In today’s world it’s hard to look through any magazine, newspaper or online articles without coming across tips and hints on how to lose weight and stay healthy. There are dozens of diets out there, exercise routines and guides on what you should eat, what to avoid; all of which make promises that you’ll drop a dress size in just a few days or build a six pack in no time. While there may be some good advice available, many of these diets and recommendations are just the latest fad in a world that is obsessed with body image.

What good is a diet or exercise routine if it’s only going to last a couple of weeks? We all know stories of someone who lost weight by watching what they ate for a while, only to put it back on when the low-fat, low-salt, low-carb, high-fibre complicated eating regime stopped. This is not the way to do it. People who want to lose weight, stay happy and keep that weight off have to find the right way to do it – something with longevity that teaches a person about self-discipline and how to live a fantastic lifestyle. That’s where the interesting martial art of Jiu Jitsu helps. It’s exciting, pulsating, animated and really makes you feel alive!

Make your heart happy heart with Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a great cardiovascular workout which means it increases the way a person naturally pumps oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body. Having a good workout where you sweat and increase your heart rate is a sure sign that you’re burning fat but let’s face it running on a treadmill for hours on end can get boring and using other types of gym equipment can be tedious too. Other exercise routines that help with losing weight will not be as much fun as Jiu Jitsu that’s for sure. Getting off the couch and into an exercise routine which you actually enjoy is a key part of making sure your healthy lifestyle is actually going to work. Men’s Health magazine ran an interesting and amusing article entitled ‘7 Myths to Dieting’ which confirms that there is a lot of garbage out there when it comes to the best ways to exercise and the so-called best diets. We say, avoid these whims and exercise crazes and make the right choice with Jiu Jitsu.

Anyone can start to learn Jiu Jitsu regardless of size and shape

One of the foundations of this martial art is that it helps a person defend themselves against an attacker who is larger and stronger than they are. The great thing about this is, Jiu Jitsu employs methods that anyone can use, regardless of physical size, strength or statue. Many people believe that only tough guys can participate in martial arts but this simply is not true when it comes to the philosophy of Jiu Jitsu. The physical exertion of Jiu Jitsu means you will improve circulation, build stamina and generally improve the condition of your heart and respiratory system.

alt="Caique Jiu Jitsu Academy - Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Martial arts"Being involved in the Jiu Jitsu academy means you become part of the family. It’s a great way to meet people, socialise and exercise in a motivated environment as well as shed some pounds.  Working alongside like-minded people can be a great way to help you focus and the encouragement and support from peers and tutors is priceless. All this and you get to learn a martial art too that helps in the losing weight process. For decades thousands of people around the world have learned the art of this combat sport and reaped the rewards of its techniques and the unique philosophy it teaches. Jiu Jitsu feeds the mind, body and soul. It will shape your body, help you sleep, build confidence, boast self-esteem and generally be a core part of your life. The benefits of choosing to sign up to this incredible martial arts are way too many mention, so why not check out some of our training programs and videos to see how you can learn this formidable martial art which will help protect you for the rest of your life

Master Caique