Gracie Magazine article about Master Caique/Warrior Way

Warrior Way Welcomes Visit from Master Carlos “Caique” Elias

Erin Herle
November 27, 2012

GMA member Warrior Way of Walled Lake, Michigan welcomed Master Carlos “Caique” Elias for seminars and promotions.

Master Carlos “Caique” Elias received his red and black belt from Rickson Gracie in 2010 and has 20 affiliates.

From the Warrior Way website:

“Master Caique has set high standards for promotion. He believes that the belt requirements keep the reputation of the academy at the highest level and creates better students, fighters and instructors. Personal character and good citizenship also count toward promotion. Respect for your instructor, the academy, and your community members are also important qualities for you to have to be promoted to any level.”
He held a seminar at Warrior Way on November 10 where head of the Warrior Way team, Harvy Berman, received his second stripe on his black belt and Professor Brandon McDaniel received his first on his black belt.

Congrats to Harvy Berman, Brandon McDaniel and all other students who were promoted!

To see more about Warrior Way you can visit their website: www.WarriorWay.com

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