Bully Control


Bullying is not just teasing

 It our goal at Caique Jiu-Jitsu that ALL kids be able to stop bullying using our methods. Bully control consulting hours are open to the public and does not require membership. We teach them how to be aware and use words to avoid getting attacked.  Enrolled students also learn how to use jiu-jitsu to defend them selves when someone tries to hurt them. The difference between just getting teased and bullied is that when kids are bullied it has a direct effect on their everyday life. They may start having negative self-talk, be more irritable or withdraw from activities. They may not want to go to a certain area of the play ground or they may feel like they need to be watching their back all the time. Maybe they don’t feel any of these things but they allow the bully to offend, harass or even hit them constantly. This can lead to the child feeling inferior to others and to high levels of stress. The most important part of our program, is to get kids to stand up for them selves by making a verbal demand when they don’t like what someone is doing to them. To stand at a safe distance, look at the person in the eye and speak clearly when saying: “I don’t like that please don’t do it!” Once they are comfortable confronting the other kid verbally they are much less likely to get bullied.

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Not everything is black or white

I, along with our staff make a big effort to ask kids about what goes on in their interactions with other children. We get a whole range of stories from 5 year olds copying what each other is saying, to 15 year olds being cruel or violent. After speaking to several parents and children, I noticed that even when the kids know what to do they are reluctant to use jiu-jitsu when another tries or does hurt them. A lot of the younger ones say the Bully who hits them is their friend. Kids of all ages say they are afraid of getting in trouble or being suspended. They are taught in school that physical altercation is NEVER appropriate and will have severe consequences. Well how can something so bad be ok to do at times??? They are beginning to learn that not everything is always right or always wrong, it also depends on the circumstance. Pushing or taking someone down is not appropriate in regular circumstances, but when you have to make a choice between letting another kid hurt you or defend your-self then it is the most appropriate choice.  They need help to understand that being a punching bag is not good and to be nice doesn’t mean you let people step on you.


Steps and Consulting Hours for Bully Control

 We teach the kids a step by step process on how to control a bully. From making a verbal demand when being teased to taking someone down when physically attacked. Kids are taught to gain control and negotiate with the attacker after taking them down. There are more steps and variations as the kids get older. To help the kids who have not been able to enforce this method I am making the following times available for parent-student-teacher meetings where we will map a strategy to deal with your bully:


 Wednesdays at 6 pm and Saturdays at 9:30 am

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Meetings are by appointment only but feel free to talk to us before or after classes as well. There is no extra fee for the consulting. Please email the academy or just reply to this email to make an appointment. We are confident that if followed through this method will work. It is very important that the parents and us are on the same page so the kids don’t get confused on what to do. If you have any questions about our Bully Control methods please email us.



Prof. Pedro Elias