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MASTER CAIQUE ELIAS, Martial Arts Instructor

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Carlos “Caique Elias first contact with jiu-jitsu was in 1972 at a Judo Academy located at Rua Toneleros in Copacabana, RJ. The Judo academy where he trained was in a shared building with the Carlson Gracie academy. Master Caique met Relson and Rickson Gracie in his teenage years surfing in Rio de Janeiro. Because the surf culture back then was pretty rough and fights happened often, Caique quickly saw the value of Jiu-Jitsu and began training Jiu-Jitsu at 16 years old in 1974. His hardwork quickly set him apart and Grand Master Helio Gracie named him the best student of his original academy. In 1996 Master Caique moved to the US invited by GM Helio to teach at the Gracie Academy. In 2000 he opened the Caique Gracie-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy. Caique trained with RELSON until THE END OF his BLUE BELT, then RICKSON AND HELIO Through his BLACK BELT 

I met Helio Gracie at his houe when I was training with Relson. The funny thing is that Relson with a big heart always took me to eat the Gracie diet at his father house and Helio Gracie was like looking at that and asking why am I feeding this other child that is not mine? Lol but he was always coutersous to me as I was an student. As time passed I earned his trust and became closer to him. I used to go to the fruit market with him and sometimes with Carlos Gracie also. I remember i got injured and Helio took care of the treatment for me. I became his admirer and was willing to listen him,learn and reflect about his life style. An unique human being that live for Jiu Jitsu above all. He start to show me some techniques and with time more and more. As I was getting good he was watching my training and many times choose to show whats up to some visitors. Once I moved for good to his academy and Rickson was the head instructor my Jiu Jitsu was taken to another level. Helio was a short temper person. Probably the most brave person I met. He got mad at me couple times and made himself clear that he was ready to hit me. Ha! guess what?! I backed off. I had so much respect for him.”

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